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Thanks for posting the links!! I love my Hiking in Death Valley book, we refer to ours as our Death Valley Bible too.  Michel did a really wonderful job on the first book, it makes us want to keep going back to Death Valley to see what else we can find.  I just ordered Hiking Western Death Valley book from Desert USA and I know we'll love this one to. We are planning a trip to explore Saline Valley, we were there last year after coming over Lippincott and really liked it.  All I really knew about Saline Valley was the tram & dunes. It'll be nice to have a little bit of direction. 


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I know this is an old post, but a few comments.

Diggonet's first book is often referred to our group as the Death Valley Bible. No idea how Mr. Diggonet put together such an astounding book/guide. Without it, it would have been Furnace Creek, Scotty's Castle, Keane Wonder Mine, Devil's Golfcourse, Artists' Pallet, then done with DV forever.

The second book, also excellent, Hiking Western Death Valley National Park: Panamint, Saline, and Eureka Valleys, I also have purchased and used. However, I am now a wee bit wiser, and believe that Mr. Diggonet may have given out a little too much information. Some of our very special spots are featured in the book, no doubt to the detriment of the site. Oh well.

Any idea how many of these books have been sold? Anyways, its particularly revealing about many Saline Valley spots, that would otherwise be found by exploring and searching around a bit. Still, Michel does keep some features under wraps - for that little bit I am grateful.

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Thanks for the information.

You can get it from REI for $19.95
free shipping if sent to one of their stores.

I also found it on for $19.95.
New for $19.95 + $3.99 shipping
Used for OVER $80.00 + $3.99 shipping


I'm considering buying a copy.

If you can wait, I suggest supporting the Independence museum or your "mythical local bookstore".

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Excellent! Thanks for sourcing out and sharing the link. The larger (blue cover/main image) is the one, and they have the other volume as well (so did the Independence museum bookstore). Maybe we'll meet up on one of the hikes!

Thanks again,


redondo dave

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Here is a link: Thanks ML for posting this.
David & Suzi

David & Suzi

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Hiking in the Saline Valley Area

Like many long-time Saline visitors, my wife and I like to go on dayhikes from the springs, despite my creaking knees and increasingly creeping decrepitude. Until now we’ve always asked other folks in the tubs where they’d recently hiked and shared our latest information with them (always a pleasant part of the SV experience). While most Death Valley guidebooks concentrate on the Furnace-Creek/Stovepipe Wells corridor and the east side of the park, I recently came across an excellent book that many members here might enjoy and which deals with the west side including the Saline area. Here’s the info:

Hiking Western Death Valley National Park: Panamint, Saline, and Eureka Valleys

Michel Digonnet

2009, Quality Books Inc.

Paperback, 554 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0-9659178-1-0

ISBN-10: 0-9659178-1-9

Price: $19.95

Chapters Six and Seven (136 pages of the book) will be of most interest to Saline Valley campers, with hike descriptions of the following:

Steel Pass Road
Saline Valley’s Talc Mines
The Saline Valley Sand Dunes
Salt Lake
Little Hunter Canyon
The Big Silver Mine
Bunker Hill Canyon
Lead Canyon
The Blue Monster Mine
Paiute Canyon
McElvoy Canyon
Beveridge Canyon
Hunter Canyon
The Bighorn Mine
Craig Canyon
The Salt Tramway
Cerro Gordo
The Swansea-Cerro Gordo Road

I haven’t been able to find this book on Amazon. I got my copy when I was visiting the museum in Independence last week (May 20), but I imagine it may be for sale at the ranger stations in the park too, or maybe your local bookstore can order it for you. (A quaint notion that presumes your town’s local bookstore has somehow survived.)

Order carefully. Note that the author has another book with a similar title:

Hiking Death Valley: A Guide to Its Natural Wonders and Mining Past

This second (older) book you can order through Amazon (link below), but it doesn’t cover the Saline area.

Full disclosure: I have absolutely no link to the author, publishing company, etc. I paid full-pop retail like the average schmuck. While I hope this forum and especially Saline itself avoid any sort of commercialism, I just think this might be a book that other Saline visitors will enjoy. (And I will admit I think supporting the Independence museum or your mythical local bookstore is a nice idea too.)

Finally, a public shout-out to Major Tom for putting this forum up. I said hello in person when my wife and I (and you) were in Saline just before Easter. Thanks again.

Best regards to all. Hope the above information is helpful.


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