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I just found out that the owners are planning to rebuild the road to the Snow Flake. They have people signed up for a class to learn how to operate a dozer and they're going to use the Snow Flake road to train them on.  They said they won't mind if people use the road when they aren't there.  Being able to drive up to the trail head to Beveridge ghost town will make a big difference.  The last time I tried to hike to the ghost town, I only made it to the trail head before I had to turn  back.

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While I was out there, I took a look at the road up to Snow Flake.  And yes, there's no private property, keep out, etc. sign.  And no gate or other barrier.

In the guidebook "Hiking Western Death Valley National Park", Michel Digonnet states that the access roads to both White Eagle and Snow Flake are private property AND closed to vehicle traffic.  But he goes on to say that the owners allow hiking access.  There's nothing down at the road to Snow Flake to tell me that; I didn't make it as far as White Eagle.

The book was published in 2009 so things may have changed.  Guess I will just have to stop by Willow Creek Camp on my next visit and see if there's anyone there to ask.  Unless someone knows a phone number or other contact information for the owners...

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I've driven to the Snow Flake mine a couple times, and there are no signs or gates of any kind to alert people that it's private property.  I don't know who owns the claim, but there's nothing to indicate that you're not allowed to be there.  Obviously, any equipment or other property must be respected and left alone, but I don't have to tell you that. [thumb]

The White Eagle and Gray Eagle mines are clearly posted with "No Trespassing" signs, as well as locked gates.  For that reason, I've always just stayed away from them.

Coincidentally, we just got back from Saline Valley this evening.  We noticed some activity at Willow Creek.  There were 2 pickup trucks and several people in the camp, but visible from the road when we drove by.  Hopefully they belong there, and aren't looters or something.

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It's my understanding that the White Eagle and Snow Flake Mines are on private property, and are owned by the same folks who own Willow Creek Camp.

In the past, hikers were free to walk up the roads to the mines, and go beyond if they wished.  Is this still the case?  Or is permission from the camp caretaker now required?
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