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I would be carious to know how many tire inflations one can get out of C02 tank, don't know the size tanks used but I would one that is easily transported???

I've had all sorts of cheap air compressors in the past, which were mind-boggingly slow and would invariably break down at some point.
I bought this Goodyear i7000 direct drive inflator last year and it is definitely way faster and feels a lot sturdier than my old ones:
Farmer Dean

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I've also got/use a MV-50 and it works just fine for me.


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I'll second the MV-50, been using one for 4 years now and it's still going strong! Handles my 33" tires no problem.


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Co2 tanks are great. I have one. Works well but they are pricey and bulky and you have to keep getting it filled. Im actually going to get an ARB permanent mount compressor. Again, not exactly cheap but if you do alot of off pavement driving, especially to Warm Springs airing down is critical. Saves wear and tear on your whole vehicle, including you. Its worth it in the long run. Your standard run of the mill Pep Boys style cigarette lighter compressor takes forever to air back up. But, if you only do this stuff once in a great while thats probably all you need. has some options for you. Hope this helps

I stopped running a compressed a few years back and started bringing a CO2 tank. It can pop a tire back on the bead and fix most repairable flats, also great for airing the tires back up at pavement. I run 12 psi into the springs, this prevents a lot of flats. .

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I know you prefer using the cig. output, but here's the one I use. 0 problems, takes a couple minutes per tire for 32in/17r mud terrain tires, gets a little hot though.  Hose length is fine for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

If you're really set on the cig lighter, I'd go with something like the Viair. Cig lighter ones will generally take longer to fill up each tire.
Sam D.

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Hi! I know I should have asked in offroaders forums and believe me I had. However, I did not receive a decent response since all offroaders use off-road tires and always carry enough spares.

Can anybody recommend a decent heavy duty 12 V compressor that draws from a cigarette lighter, please?

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