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Sam D.

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Curious how/why this thread got resuscitated? The last post was in 2014
James Sel

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No the info is on the bottles and this is not a work site.

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Should have SDS ppwrk on site for any and all chemicals. Formerly known as MSDS (material saftey data sheets) in case OSHA shows up out there.
Sparky of SoCal

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One thing you forgot to mention is those examples you listed have an reviewed,approved containment plan on file and availble in the event of a spill.

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Has Mats:     What is a  Has Mat?     Vons   and the Auto parts stores have NO  has mats?     Both stores are not required to have  placarding on the outside of the building warning the fire department / public as the QUANTITY of items in the stores are in legal "small  containers".   Vons    where's the Bleach?   on the shelves 30  one gallon containers  =    30 gallons   stored on a shelf !  Auto parts store,    55 gallons of motor oil   yes one gallon containers  not a   55 gallon drum How about the  big rig carrying car batteries, oil, bleach and insecticide all in a non placarded van to said stores.
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