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Joe G

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I wish I had seen this earlier. SteveO90290, here is a link to the Bishop Amateur Radio Club repeater page. They seem to have a good network set up and even though they don't list a GMRS repeater they might have something going for that that is currently unpublished. Also if they see a growing interest they might consider adding something in the future. I have my ham General license but I'm still interested in GMRS because once you pay for the $70 tax (cough)...license it is good for 10 years and extends to your whole family, and that is appealing to me.

Anyway, I conversed with one of the BARC members on Facebook and he was a real nice guy. Wouldn't hurt to ask them. Hope you had a good stay in Saline. 73 (means best wishes in Ham lingo)


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Thanks Bob!

Sadly I haven't acquired my HAM license yet, so I will only use that in an emergency situation.  I am planning to head out to Saline on the 24th or 25th.  


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I'm not aware of any.  Many of us use 2 meter ham radios that can access the Bishop Amateur Radio Cub's repeater on Mazourka Peak to communicate outside the valley, or 146.550 simplex to talk amongst ourselves in the valley.

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Hello SPA!
Are there any GMRS repeaters out there?

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