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This happened maybe 10 years ago--I was at Homestake Dry Camp and a German tourist in a compact car came whizzing by going south around 6pm.  Of course the road almost immediately ends, and he came back in a few minutes and asked for help.  He needed to get to L.A. that evening, and he was trying to take a shortcut down the Lippincott.

He showed me his Michelin guidebook, which had a small insert map of Death Valley that showed the Lippincott as a through road from here.  Well, yes, but...

I'll bet Michelin is the reason these German tourists get led astray.  Germany probably has no 4x4 roads, and Michelin doesn't bother to tell you about road conditions. 

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I discouraged a small group of about six Russian tourists from doing the same thing while helping them with their flat tire at Panamint Overlook.  I guess it's hard to interpret the 4x4 high clearance short wheelbase small dashed lines on the map.  With no spare after we got the tire changed in their rented Suburban I basically told them they would be stupid to continue in that direction and to head for Millers towing to fix the flat.  They finally agreed but not without a lot of convincing.  Good thing they had a flat where they did.  They had no camping gear whatsoever just out for a casual drive in Death Valley.     

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I was coming out to the 190 from  Saline Valley this afternoon around 3pm.  I encountered actual tourists from Germany who asked how long it would take for them to go from there up Lippencott to The Racetrack in their rented Nissan Rogue....YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.....   WTF ???  They said the map had directed them that way.  I pleaded with them not to do it and explained the danger and condition of the road.  They agreed and said they would go around to Scottys/ Ubehebe and in that way in a week or so.  I feel that I actually may have helped them avoid at the very least a bad situation.   I had never seen that in person.  They were entirely serious about going to The Racetrack that way......WOW...
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