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paul belanger

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Last time i did the Lippencott Road was fifteen years ago. I've done it in a Jeep, and in Toyota and Ford Ranger size trucks. I would think the long wheel base truck would be a little dicey. I would love to hear other's recent opinions, though I don't think the situation changes very much really.

Steel Pass should be okay. Don't see a big issue there.

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Hello all, I'm planning a trip for the last weekend of March to come out and hopefully catch some of the wild flowers, See the Eureka dunes and the racetrack. I was hoping to get some advice on the route we are picking as I am uncertain about some details.

My vehicle  is a 2015 149" LWB Ram 1500.

This is my Tentative Schedule:
Day 1: South pass to the racetrack via lippencott or Hidden Valley, then to eurka dunes via Big pine road.
Day 2: Steele pass to the Warm Springs
Day 3: South Pass to 190 where we finish

My main concern is lippencott, would my vehicle be too big for this, and if so would taking hidden valley make the day too long, I'm estimating 7-8 hours of driving for day 1. I understand that this road is narrow and often gets washed out.

Steele pass is another concern, but I've seen videos and read of large vehicles making it through with a little difficulty. Possible though coming out unscathed might not happen. I've gathered this would take about 5-6 hours of driving.

From the warm spring it would take about 2-3 hours as I've gathered.

The other option I was considering was to start in Beatty, then do titus canyon to the race track, down lippincott to the warm spring, then go north to eurka via steel pass, but I feel that would be trying to pack too much stuff in one day.

I appreciate any and all input, Thank you.
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