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Major Tom

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It appears that the success of the forum will not come without some costs. This is a hosted forum, which makes my life pretty easy with respect to setting it up. The SPA board decided it was well worth the $60/year to keep third party ads off the forum, and it now appears we will be incurring some monthly fees. We are allowed 10,000 page hits per month free (not the same as a page view ... any time you access any page on the way to another page counts as a hit) and already this month we have had over 40,000 page hits. The cost isn't great, but if you are actively using this forum and would like to help kick into its maintenance, a tax-deductible contribution to SPA would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to SPA, Box 136, Keeler, California 93530.

A hint on keeping costs down appears in my next post.

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