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Excellent photo. And welcome.


- longtime lurker

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The preceding posts are an example of how special Saline folks can be. Thanks for the post, and the superb photo!

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Thanks Salt Peter,
I was looking at many of your previous posts/topics...really great stuff. So much to learn about this area, and as with any of the amazing areas around the country, they all can use more good stewards...we will try to live up to the task, and we will for sure be back again soon.
Salt Peter

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Great post. Sounds like you'll be a good steward moving forward into the future of the springs.

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Hey all,
I am Todd, me and my buddy Dave and girlfriends were there on Sunday and Monday of presidents weekend.. our first time(green F150 with old Mitchell camper and tan Vanagon syncro, parked out in the open valley across from the toilets).
We heeded all the prep instructions and had an amazing time, met some great people, learned a lot about the history...just fantastic!
A huge thanks to the guy with the old bronco mated with a camper, who stopped to help me on my way out when I was losing tranny fluid!!???
I got out and had no further issues( ford E40d bad tranny pump seal, but it stopped leaking after the steep north pass washboard).
We did our best to respect all the rules and spread good will...just a wonderful journey.
Truly thank you all.
Todd Theresa/ Dave and Paige.

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