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1)Bring two 6-packs of beer (on Ice) to my camp sight. Look for the dark green Jeep with a big flat rack on it.
2)No taking photos of naked people.
3)Bring good Red wines to my camp sight.
4)Be ready to meet, and be friendly to a diverse group of people.
5)Whiskey is a good idea too. Yeah, bring it over.
6)The Burro's eat cardboard so don't leave boxes out. They will Hee-Haw in the middle of the night and wake you up. They will leave gifts in your camp site.
7)Yeah,,, you ought to have water even though the ground stuff is available.
8)It's 50 miles In, and 50 miles out. If you have the MPG to make it in and out on a full tank, your good. If not, bring gas. I was told this place has a 50 mile BS filter. I like that.
9)More beer please, it evaporates fast.
10)A good tire saving idea is to take pressure out of the tires when on the dirt roads in and out. I take the Jeep tires down to 15lbs. Would be worth investing in a little compressor with a gage.
11)More ice please.
12)No loud music unless you are singing around the camp fire. There is a 100% chance of Hootenanny happening. We're always looking for good Yodelers. You Yodel?
13)Pick up, and take out trash. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
14)Ask around for Fun-Fun-Debbie if you are camping around the Lower Springs, she will give you the Grand Tour and go over the do's and don'ts.
15)Did I mention Beer?
16)If you like to take a dip at night (and who doesn't), it's a good idea to have a head lamp with a Red LED. It's not harsh on the eyes of other dippers relaxing in the dark.
17)If you see a Military Jet flying low over the area, that's your cue to bring beer over.
18)So.... its Carnival in Rio De Janeiro right now. You might see guys dressed up like Samba Dancers. Be nice. People will protect them if your not.
19)Oh, Bud Light or Coors Light is good. Find Don & Jeanne and say hi...
20)Don't let the regulars con you out of your drinks.
sunny okanogan

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This is for the Wizard pool. shut off inlet valve under the wooden lid with the handle just off the pool apron, the outlet valve is to the south more or less towards the dish washing area, as the pool empties use a bucket ( there should be cleaning supplies by the palms ) and use the pool water to clean off the rock work that surrounds the pool, bucket and brush put a little bleach in the bucket and I fill it at the shower valve with clean water. scrub the empty pool with the brush ,rinse with clean water from the inlet valve then  and i leave  it empty for a short while let the air and sun , if there is any, do it's work.  shut outlet valve , refill to 2/3rds if you top off the pool will be too hot for most folks to enjoy, it will fill up as bodies displace the water. this must be done in the EARLY afternoon to give the water time to cool off for the sunset soak. There is also a hose with a tennis ball plug that can be used to vacuum " floaties " open the outlet the ball end of the hose plugs the outlet in the pool and the other end will work like a vacume.  I'm sure there are other ways to do this and I hope no one thinks I'm giving up the family secrets. My 2cents , In the morning  silence is a great way to enjoy the dawn and sunrise sometimes less is more.    Sunny


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While we're on the subject, could somebody give a quick rundown of how to go about cleaning the 2 pools at the middle springs, in case there's nobody with experience around?
Salt Peter

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All great points. I have nothing to add really. Good info for newbies.

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Chongomongo thanks for taking the time and having the decency to post and ask the questions you have. It's appreciated by all I'm sure. Bob and Dusty said it well. Make sure your vehicle is prepared and you bring the necessary supplies in case you run into vehicle trouble. Good tires, spares, chains, shovel, extra vehicle fluids, Patron, and vehicle extraction ramps are great to have too.
Dusty Trails

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Shower before you soak, haul out your ashes, drive slowly once you hit lower springs so you don't dust out other campers, and camp in established areas.

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respect the environment, respect the other person, be prepared, be happy
the history is volunteers being caretakers, so join in
always need firewood for the community fire at lower springs
contributions of TP, bleach, shampoo and dish soap (biodegradable) are useful
Bob from Tahoe

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Making the trip for the first time.  I understand there probably is some established guidelines that one should know as to not offend the regulars.  Looking for some insight.  Also, I would like to know what we could bring as apeace offering/appreciation to contribute.  Thanks 
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