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Jukebox Mark

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Shameless plug for SPA board member Timbo, who sells firewood and lives in Palmdale off the 14
Perhaps what we hold most in awe about nature is its majestic indifference to humanity.

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Thanks, emjay. Sounds good. Is it safe to cook over such a fire or are there additives?
Salt Peter

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Good info.
I usually try to buy my firewood along the 395 somewhere. Does anyone have a good source along the 395/14 that has a good price on firewood?
Major Tom

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The Park has asked SPA to pass this information along, as folks have been inquiring about the need to burn local wood as a means of preventing pest spread.

Due to the ecology of Saline Valley, Death Valley National Park does not have a regulation on bug-free firewood. Users should bring their own firewood as wood gathering is not permitted within the park boundary.

Many parks and forests do have bug-free regulations due to the possible transportation and introduction of forest pests and diseases. If anyone is interested the State of CA has a "burn it where you buy it" program. See" Additionally, some parks do not allow camp fires at all. It is always a good idea to check out local regulations before traveling.  


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