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In response to the original post:

"I am not a big fan of crowds but it looks like it's the only time I can visit."

Trust that it is the perfect time to go...

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We've been out there the last 2 Easter weekends and found the crowd relatively light, considering it's also spring break. We camped at the lower springs and had no issues with loud music, or rowdies. We'll be coming in from the north Friday early afternoon, and leaving Sunday midday. We'll see what this year brings...


P.S. Wonder if the famed Easter Bunny will make an appearance this year?

Arrive early leave early.  Seems like lots of people show up for Easter, including clueless newbees who think they are ariving at some pristine (unvisited) campsite over a good road [extremely disapointed, sometimes bitter], along with those who think it is time to rave [worthless POSs, although the last time I bitched at one he turned down the so-called music], along with the occasional trailer and RV [actually usually less clueless, but not always].  Never run into a religious one, but I imagine they are there, complaining about the nudes.  I have been there, being due to the only opportunity I could take off.  Seems like it's getting worse, yes, I know, it's a free country, so be it.  Maybe the condition of South Pass will keep them out, one hopes. 

Last time I was there around Easter, left early via Steele Pass, had the road to myself, albiet 5 1/2 hours in 4-low, 5-10 mph.  Impressive, to approach the Eureka sanddunes from Dedecera Canyon.

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Just curious how busy the springs get during Easter?
I am not a big fan of crowds but it looks like it's the only time I can visit.
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