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Major Tom

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Im going to suggest certain people stick to the thread topics, and relax on agendas that border on flaming, or risk being excluded from the forum. It seems certain agendas have been voiced, and that should be that. The overwhelming response is pretty clear.
deserticus explorum

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wanderer, what is your problem with lee? you seem to do nothing but bad mouth him. i was in the valley over memorial day weekend and although we've never had an lengthy conversation with lee, he is always friendly and welcoming toward myself and my wife. perhaps you'd prefer the standard nps ranger type thats always checking to see what you're doing and ready to write infractions at the drop of a hat??? please explain what your problem with lee is and why you have a personal vendetta to get rid of him. if you can't do that then just shut the #@$% up.

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doesn't sound  ominous at all.  if they're referring to the terrible host, i would agree, he makes no one feel welcome but he doesn't discriminate.
See. Feel. Paint.
It seems that my fears are shared by many others.


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Quote: a manner where all members of the public feel welcome

This sounds ominous.  Is this a veiled threat?

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It's from the General Management Plan, in force until revised, and this section will guide the Saline Valley-specific management plan which will be forthcoming in due (or undue) time.

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It should be noted this is an 8 year old document.  Not sure what, if anything has been done about it, but bottom line is the Park doesn't have money to do much of anything.  I think that's a good thing.

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This is from -:
Page 55

Visitor Use in Saline Valley.
A site specific management plan will be prepared in consultation with interested public through the NEPA process. The goal of the plan is to create a strategy for management of the area consistent with NPS mandates and policies. The plan will address protection of natural and cultural resources, exotic species, public health and safety, and environmental restoration, environmental and social carrying capacity of the land, and designation of the site as a backcountry campground and the appropriate number and development of sites. The following will limit the scope of the activities permitted at the springs:

* Soaking tubs/spas will be limited to the current level of improvements.
* The Upper Springs will continue to be protected from human improvements and use and from burros.
* The Saline Valley Road will be maintained to its current surface condition by Inyo County.
* An analysis will be made of the Chicken Strip airstrip to determine whether to retain it under 36CFR or whether it should be closed due to safety and/or resource impact concerns.
* The proposed site plan will also consider options for the active restoration of the upper springs to a natural condition.

Depending upon future use levels and priorities, the National Park Service could consider maintaining some of the facilities at the springs. The National Park Service will work with groups associated with the springs, to manage this place in a manner where all members of the public feel welcome. The National Park Service will not actively promote expanded public use of the springs.

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