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Originally from a little Mexican lady quoted in a National Geographic article on the opening of Mex 1 to La Paz. Love that quote and most definitely true

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As JT Reynolds once said, Good roads equals bad people.....Bad roads equals good people.  and he said it was Saline Valley peeps who taught him that!


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I agree with Salt Peter. I have my sweet spot as far as speed, but don't go out of my way to piss people off! Yep, slow down when people are stopped. Common sense and common courtesy.
paul belanger

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I think Tule is on to something.  I'll be driving in backward next time, f'sure. I encourage all to do the same,. 

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Nothing undoes washboard, takes an act of God or some large machine, usually yellow....

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If everyone drove the road in reverse would that undo the wash board? [wink]

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Trigger you might be on to something....
BTW if anyone wants to see the evolution or de-evolution of a dirt road from smooth to washboard to 3-4ft high woop-de-doos in a compressed time frame, attend an off-road race.  Like in Baja 1000. Or to a lesser extent, sit by a haul road to a quarry or mine

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I bounce up and down in my seat the whole way. That way I don't notice the washboard.
sunny okanogan

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My experience living on a brutal dirt road for the last 35 years is that 2 wheel drive
and higher speeds is the main culprit when it comes to washboard. 30 years ago there was no wash board on our road and the more we improved the road the higher speeds folks drove and washboard just grew. I always drive in 4lo on my road and north pass. Easier on my rig, the road , and myself. Way less riding the break

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>914 not if the opposite direction drivers also drove to left side of the road too.

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Wouldn't the left side of the road simply be the right side for people traveling in the opposite direction?

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I have to agree on using 4wd to make a smoother ride over the washboard.  Also, I think it helps to drive on the left side of the road when safe, not only for the ride but maybe for reducing the washboard.

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Salt Peter is correct in saying that 4wd helps with washboarding. 

A vehicle will ride over bumps easier with the front wheels pulling.  That lessens the inevitable hop/bounce of rear wheels pushing heavy loads on a loose surface at anything past a crawl. 

It's that bounce that sets in motion the rippling we all love.

If you want to minimize washboarding come to the springs as light as possible, baby-ing the throttle in a low horsepower or traction controlled 4wd car at walking speed so as not to induce any wheel/axle chatter.

Sparky of SoCal

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Agree with Salt Peter. I will go out of my way to make everyone's drive as enjoyable as possible. That includes always being the one that pulls out of the way to let a car by. Slowing down when I pass by another car coming opposite direction. That is only right.
Then again, I do find a sweet spot at higher speeds and expect a car to let me by without ant attitude when I come up behind them at a greater speed. I'll follow for maybe 3 available turn outs but after that I am going to pass you. That is also only the right thing to do. Fair enough.
Salt Peter

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Washboarding isn't caused by driving at high speed. They do have a harmonic sweet spot that does happen between 40-60 mph. Sometimes the washboarding is so bad there isn't a sweet spot.

I've read that staying in 4wd helps to not cause washboarding.

Ymmv but if I can avoid severe rattling by driving within a speed range you better believe I'm going to. That being said I do know and practice good offroad etiquette.
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