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God I hope not and as a recent intro to being a saliner (past 3 years) this does worry me slightly...........

I've been involved with the Badwater race as support crew for a runner for the past 7 or so years (no longer as he is retired) and this is bad news indeed. In my experience Chris Kostman and the rest of his race staff (for the badwater ultra) do a fantastic job of being proponents of the DVNP and what the DVNP is all about and protecting DVNP - this seems to be a very short sighted decision with no thought about how this may affect the multitude of people that are not just involved with the race but rely on the many events (financially) that Adventure Corp hold in the DVNP (and surrounding areas). I also wonder how the decision came about - was this a one person decision? I don't understand why DVNP NPS staff cannot evaluate the impact of these events while they take place - regardless, shouldnt they have been doing this for the past 23 years as the races have been ongoing (which btw they have !!!).

See link below for more info on adventureCORPS and the 89 or so events they have held since 1990 raising millions for the local communities and now it looks like they're out.......


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Has anyone heard anything about this?  I'm very concerns when I hear about any restrictions on recreation in DVNP - does this indicate a change in management philosophy that could also impact the springs?

Inyo residents are expressing fear and outrage in the wake of Death Valley National Park’s “moratorium” on permits for sporting events within the park.
The National Park Service said it is implementing the suspension to allow staff to evaluate the events and safety concerns, due to extreme conditions in the nation’s largest national park.
The fear among Southern Inyo residents is that the park’s move may be the death of events like that Badwater Ultra Marathon, which, according to the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce, are responsible for contributing $1.2 million to local communities each year.
The Lone Pine Chamber is kicking off a letter-writing campaign urging DVNP to allow the events to continue while the safety evaluation is being conducted.
Read more in the Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013 edition of The Inyo Register.
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