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Seven sisters was the name area told to me by another hiker I ran Into out there, More like seeps Not any running water you can see but maybe in a good year, Look for thick mesquite patches and a few native American camp rings If you know what to look for and miscellanies aircraft bits of interest. a few miles South and a bit east or the old landing strip stay near the foot hills. you will see a large wash if nothing else a good walk


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Been to SV many times, but never heard of Seven Sisters Springs - where/what is this?


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Most trails meander from different directions whether new or ancient manmade or animal made then merge into one, then easily disappear into a wash or rocky hill side, just head in a general direction you will stumble onto a trail or wash that was going in the general direction and take note of the sky line, a old school compass keeps me heading in the right direction when your out of the line of sight of your distention . If new to the area just keep looking back toward your camp and or try not to loose sight of the palms until you get the feel for the area getting lost can be life treating.

Seven Sisters Springs to the South will keep you Busy for most of the day . good Luck
Major Tom

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probably too late, but there are lots of things to do. Bike up to the Upper Springs on the road out of Palm Springs (or hike). There is a trail on the other side of the old south airstrip at the Lower Springs (ask around). There is a trail up Black Mountain from the far side of the Lower Springs ball field (ask around). Pick a direction, any direction ... it's all good.

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I was wondering what things there are to see within biking/walking distance of the springs.  I have a cab-over camper on my truck and don't want to take down my camp each time we go exploring. 

For example, the peace sign.
I know there is a trail to it, but where do I find the head of the trail? 

Are there any other interesting excursions within say 5-10 miles?  We're heading in on the 21st and I want to tentatively plan a few things.
Thanks in advance!
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