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Seattle Mitch

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It's south of the dunes. Look for the sign along the road that says "road ends in 1 mile". The artesian well is in a nest of mesquite trees almost a mile down that turnoff. Be aware the road gets really soft just past the well so if you miss it.... last time I filled up there it was a little sulfur tasting but otherwise no problem. Seems to always be flowing well.

has it stopped raining yet dammit

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Hello everyone. I'm looking for information on some wells I've heard or read about, and also seen reference to them on a Caltopo map I've been studying in preparation for a cycling trip in DV. 

As for the wells I've heard referenced, they are south of the Warm Springs junction, on the Saline Valley Road. They are shown on the Caltopo map as being south of The Dunes, as 'well', and the map shows a small loop off the road as a possible faint two-track.  Another one is just southeast of The Dunes as 'flowing well', also reflected as being off the main road on a faint two-track which runs northeast. Does anyone know the (relatively) current status of water availability and quality here?

I appreciate your input!

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