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Deet is all I use. Made the huge mistake of getting out of the car at Dyer and was bit all around my face and neck. Never do that again. I have always used deet based  sprays at Warm Springs and had good results.
Salt Peter

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I have not had any luck with the candles keeping them at bay. They have gotten me every spring trip I've done. I however haven't made the effort to douse myself with Deet.
Sam D.

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The season starts mid-Feb and lasts until mid- or late May depending on the weather, precipitation, temperatures.
The adults breed when the weather warms up in the spring, usually in early or mid-May, and they remain a pest for several weeks.
When the soil begins to dry and cracks develop, the adults emerge. Only the females bite. Like female mosquitoes, they need a blood meal to complete their reproductive cycle.

Obscene amount of this is almost as effective as Deet or Picardin based sprays for me:

Stop once you make a turn to Bat Rd and apply your repellent. Once it took me 5 min to realize I needed to apply, so got over 40 bites in 5 min.

I also hung these coils in my car:

DVExile long time ago posted this link about Deet vs Picardin:

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regarding noseums, are there particular areas of SV where they are more likely to be?
I'm wondering if they live in certain vegetation, like the arrowroot trees or the mesquite trees?  or do they stay close to stagnant water areas where they come from (I assume?).

Are they less of a problem at the middle springs, where there is less vegetation?

Or are these things basically just everywhere?

and one last question, do citronella candles work at all in keeping them away from an area?  I want to be able to sleep with my truck tailgate down, want to keep the buggers out of my truck!

Thanks all and I will see you this weekend too.

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A nice breeze does keep the noseeums at bay though! [thumb]

See you all this weekend.
paul belanger

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We're going this week also.  I have to say, the weather report, from what I can gather, is not favorable for w_nd situation.

We'll see if the walls come a tumblin' down.

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Thanks @Dpsmedic

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Overall DVNP Weather:

Spot Forecast for the springs:

Sorry, no idea on noseeum stats..

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Hello all, we'll be heading in on Saturday and are wondering how the weather's been? Can you give us a heads-up on high-temps and lows and noseeums? 

Also, is there snow in the pinyon/juniper forest on the north pass?

Can't wait to see everyone!

-Natalie, Other Bob, Bodie & Wyatt

Also, who's in camp and who's heading out there for the week of 4/14-19?
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