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Hi Desert Warrior

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Try Avons skin so soft.  Works alot better than OFF and other repellants.
Route 66

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Spent the last week at the Springs; great weather, not too crowded for pre-Easter week.
Only problem I had was being bitten by bugs that leave a little, itchy red bite area like
a mosquito bite.  Used DEET but the critters didn't seem to be much deterred.  Anyone
have any ideas how to handle these little varmints? I think I've seen them referred to
as "no-see-ems" on other threads.

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I feel for them. All the work, some in dangerous conditions, and then they end up - not at the springs for a soak - but back home to get ready for another day at work!

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Currently the road is open for the transportation...
But the road is closed when weather, snow conditions and avalanche danger threaten the safety of drivers and our maintenance crews..

LMAO! finally! now I know why the signs are always there... they are for that maintenance crew...
Billygoat Tom

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Happy Holidays and soaking to all...
Sue and I are planning a trip this weekend and next week (appx 11/30/2012 - 12/5/2012).
Does anyone have current info on the condition of the North Pass Road, and the number of groups at the middle springs?  Also it is forecast for some wind...if you have just come back from the springs or are there could you let us know the latest?
Thanks a lot...
Also are there any supplies needed?  If so we will bring them... also any repair needed to the springs and related items? (I am a retired builder, I have lots of spare parts and tools...)
All the best -
Tom and Sue

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