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The wife and I were there Oct 18-19, traveling from Big Pine, Eureka Dunes, Dedeckera Cn, Steel Pass, and on to the springs.

As previously noted, nothing has changed from Big Pine to the wash south of Steel Pass.  The sand is still deep going up from the dunes, the Dedeckera narrows are still tight and rocky, but most 4WD will be able to make it.

However, just South of the natural spring there is a jog East that is very easy to miss.  I left a line of rocks across the wrong path for subsequent travelers.  It was natural to go down the wrong wash while headed South, but not an issue headed North.  It even has ribbons much of the way from prior use, but it deteriorates as it gets close to the middle spring.  I'm kind of persistent, so after moving some rocks, engaging the lockers, and hiking ahead to be sure there was a turn-around possible, it was dark by the time we realized we were in the wrong wash.  No worries, we set up camp and continued in the morning...  The correct route is not as much fun...

Also, a note of thanks to everyone that helps out keeping things cleaned up.  Someone (Craig?) showed me the drain/fill valves at the Volcano pool, and then helped me clean it even though he'd just cleaned another pool -- Special thanks.


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except of course now the Dunes are "government closed".  

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I was on it yesterday. It was fine. See more here:

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I've seen several reports of North Pass, but I have been wondering about the road from Big Pine all the way to the Eureka Dunes. Has anyone explored and documented the damage there?

The morning report of course says:

Big Pine/Death Valley Rd         CLOSED by Inyo County due to flood damage

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