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deserticus explorum

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if you're like me and don't care much for people go after memorial day. throughout the summer june- august or september is the best time to go.  hardly anyone but hiking gets really strenuous and it takes twice as long to do some of the hikes cause you have to go from bush to bush just to get shade (if there is any) you also have to carry a LOT of water and may have to use springs if you run out.
 wife and i were there memorial day and there were screaming kids, radios blaring well past 10:00pm, and it was sometimes hard to find an empty pool to soak in. we got tired of the crowds and headed to the hills to camp out. in lee's words it was "turning into a daycare"
 i was also there after the article "spa for the unpretentious" came out a few yrs ago. with that article came lots of new people. several told me they came because of that article.  
 weather this memorial day was unseasonably cool. windy, and even rain in the inyo mountain range.  


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Generally the weekends are the most populated.  Weather looks good for next week so Peggy and I will be there Sunday or Monday till the ice is gone. 
Sam D.

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Good Weather Link: 

People here will tell you to be prepared for all weather. 

Amount of people depends on whether some Jeep club shows up or some other group of folks. One can never estimate. It has not been too hot so I estimate more people than usual. 

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I plan on driving in the North Pass this coming Monday. I'd like to know what the temperature has been this time of year.  In addition I'm curious of the amount of people that are in Saline.  If anyone has been in this last week I'd appreciate and information you might have.  I plan on staying approximately six days if conditions are good.



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