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I flew into the Chicken Strip for the first time yesterday, 3/22.  Haven't been to Saline in at least 12 years.  Still a great place.  
As for the C/S, I was flying a Cessna 172 with a 180 hp conversion.  I did a low pass to recon the strip, it looked OK, so landed the second time around.  The winds cooperated (none), full flaps and minimum airspeed.  The strip was rougher than I expected and about 3/4 down the runway there was a pretty good dip that was "fun."  There are some ruts that landing aircraft should also be aware of.  Parked at the north end, spent a few hours at the springs then left, taking off down hill - the winds still cooperating - slight quartering headwind.  
Not 100% sure I will fly in again, the strip does test your short / soft field landing techniques.  But the 30 min flight from Lone Pine is nice - and beautiful !!  
At the springs I was told that Major Tom was there.  I haven't seen him in probably 20+ years.  Never found him, maybe next time.   
Also, the wind sock, mentioned in previous posts, is still in tatters, but still useable…
Take care…  stan
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