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Strip has been dragged and landable as of yesterday.
paul belanger

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Jeep, I don't know what any of those posts are either.  I am guessing the person responsible is trying to get us to hit the link.  I never hit strange links.

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Lizard Lee has access to a satelite phone for emergencies.  And some cell phones can now make calls from certain places within the valley.

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Actually I have been going there for quite a long time.  When NPS came in and Lizard Lee was made (for lack of a better term) the camp host they gave him some modern conveniences like a truck, a radio and I have been told, a radio-telephone that if you knew the number, you could actually get through to him.  Knowing how much he values his privacy it is something I never looked into.  This seemed like something important enough to get in touch with him.

The last hurdle was cleared with NPS and it looks like they have also figured out how to officially reopen the strip.  All it needs now are some volunteers.


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This was just posted by Mark, I guess he has never been to the         "Anyone have Lizard Lee's phone number??"
Hi All,

I just got off the phone with Rick and he has confirmed that the RAF is organizing a work party for the 15th and 16th of October to finish and hopefully reopen the Chickenstrip at that time.  He is coordinating with the NPS so hopefully they will have someone who can authorize the reopening if Lizard Lee cannot do so.

Does anyone know for sure (100%) if Lizard lee can authorize the reopening on his own or not?

Please let me know.
Ica be reached at mkrajcar1@GMAIL.COM

P.Haze.  Is this the same Purple Haze from B.M. who is out at Stead??
The System
AKA- Mark
I forgot my login info, if anyone can help out I'd be obliged!

I asked for this PIREPto be added to the website last year and it was added.  Glad to see it is working out.

Regarding the current state of affairs.

The RAF (Recreational Aviation Foundation) is a non-profit devoted to protectng backcountry landing strips.  They have already been involved in getting the Chickenstrip reopened.  Details can be found here:

Also: "Last week we started a list of members of the BCP “Back Country Pilots” that were interested in the political support and maintenance of the airstrips in the south west, Kennedy Meadow, Tunnel Meadow, Templeton Meadow, and Monache Meadow and others. We are using Rick Loch Kernville airport manager L05 as the coordinator, so far we have a list of approximately twenty volunteers from the BCP and the number is growing. Please contact Rick so that he can notify BCP volunteers when we can get a date to repair the Chicken Strip. e-mail Rick, or call Rick at 760-378-3870. If He’s not at the airport please leave a message and He will get back to you. I believe that I am speaking for all of us when I tell you that we are all in support of the RAF and their efforts to restore and preserve our recreational airstrips."

Emailing Rick or calling him would be best.  If you were at the chickenstrip and your info is current with regards to the need for a work party then please get in touch with him ASAP.  If lizard Lee has already one the work then maybe the RAF can get it reopened sooner rather than later.

Anyone have Lizard Lee's phone number??


Sam D.

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I think NPS will not object to reopening once the landing strip can be made safe. I think calling and writing complains to NPS will just lead to permanent closure. The more time NPS has to spend on this the more reasons for NPS to close the landing strip "due to budget constrains".
I am not a pilot, but on my last visit, picked up and tossed over 100 laser sharp rocks from the runway. I agree with hotspringshound that once a crew conducts rock removal and smoothing the runway, it can reopen. NPS will have no choice but to allow once the strip is safe to land.

P. Haze

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Any other pilots out there that would like to get organized and complete the requirements to get Chicken Strip re-opened?   Please let me know if there already is a pilot user group organized......if not..... Respond back to this list, we can move forward from here.   I do not want to see this access go away.
desert rat

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Wow!!! I wonder why we never thought about that. Very insightful. Thanks for the help.

How about the NPS won't allow the rocks to be removed. They put them there.

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Instead of writing letters complaining about the airstrip, why don't the pilots get together and organize a work crew to do the final rock removal and smoothing of the runway, then the x rocks can be removed when the strip is safe to land on. Lizard Lee needs help. he can't do everything. If pilots want continued use of the chicken strip, they should be the ones that maintain it.
George Derrick
I visited the Chicken Strip yesterday and all the repairs have been done by Lee. The rocks and X's are still on the runway and the surface needs to be driven on to compact it. He used a drag on the entire surface and it is soft and rutted. Lee says the NPS doesn't want the rocks removed. So a call to the Park would help. A lot of calls. The temp yesterday was 93 with thin overcast. We could have removed the rocks yesterday but....
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