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George Derrick
I have 
hey im looking for Brent Pennington Pilot. Its Paula from Barrington looking for him. Pls call me 719.238.5453
Seems to me, there was the same problem (issue) several years ago, when Lizard Lee decided to close the Chicken Strip on his own (perhaps the NPS told him he could manage the hotsprings and he interpreted it as able to close the airstrip).  As I remember it, this was reversed at the higher levels of the NPS.  A pilots group was formed to reopen the strip.  I will inform my contact on this group about the apparent current action. 


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I don't think you want them to risk their jobs?  Chicken Strip is 7 miles from the County Road and there's no way that grader belongs that far off county property.  

The community will take care of the problems there when it cools a bit, maybe sooner.
Sam D.

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Does anybody know the grader dude personally? Can we slip the guy few $$$ to fix the landing strip?
George Derrick
Inyo county is working on the North Pass with a grader now. The repairs to the road look good but the road is very rough. Really hot in the valley. I suspect if they paln to grade the entire North Pass road it will take at least a month.
I don't know how the repairs to the South Pass are progressing.

George (Big Pine)

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Im going to the springs with a big group the secound weekend of november. we will drag the road to the springs and the chicken strip. I will also drag the south pass if anyone is willing to bring the drag back to its rightful home after i drag on my way out. Or better yet if some one wants to drag it out i will drad the south pass both directions.

George Derrick
I think things will change by the end of next week. 

By the "we didn't do it" he meant the park didn't do the work. 

I now think that Lizard Lee did the work at the behest of the Park and just didn't didn't want to say so when I called him.

I got a E-mail from the Chief Ranger yesterday and  they are working with their legal people and will know something very soon. 

I don't want to say any more now because most of what I know is second hand.

More later. George

Sam D.

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The strip was landable after I fixed it up a bit with a shovel. A plane landed afterwards and the pilot reported the strip to be in a rougher than usual condition but not impossible. The runway needed to be graded by pulling those tractor tracks you see laying on Saline Rd. I got neither the clearance nor power nor towing hinge to pull the tracks with my rentals.

Did the strip get damaged after my repairs? It's listed as "Saline Valley Airstrip............CLOSED due to storm damage" on the morning report.
What kind of damage was done to the strip by an unknown gov't agency? Some aerial photography would be nice. Apparently, there are no money to grade the road or pump the latrines, yet they found $$$ to destroy the airport. They should've used the funds to build drainage channels to divert future flash floods from the strip.

People are still gonna land on the old one or on the lake making things worth.
We have to stand up to these. Otherwise, the pools are going to be next.

I say once the season opens we can go there and spend a day fixing all the damage. PM me so I can try to be there to assist in repairs.
George Derrick
I saw that it was closed last Sunday (7th).
I called Liz. Lee .
Lee said the NPS did it because the strip had some flood damage and was ILLEGAL.
I talked to Brent Pennington (Chief Ranger). He said "we didn't do it"

I think something will shake out in the near future after people find out who did what and when it was done and what actually needs to be done.
Sam D.

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Holy cr@p!!! When did it get closed?

I kinda like having a landing strip in case a med plane needs to land.
desert rat

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Now that the NPS has closed Chicken Strip anyone have any ideas as to how we can get them to open it again? Help...

My idea would be a work party to remove the Park Service garbage and to hell with them.

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