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Yarry and Steve know much more about this than I, but here are some hikes that they recommended, and I enjoyed.
All are moderate hikes, but with some strenuous spots that require scrambling across ridges with loose rocks, and 10-15 ft rock walls that I was able to climb without equipment. This was in October, and all were bone-dry. 

Beveridge Canyon:
From the main Saline Rd, take the (no signs) road up the alluvial fan to the mouth of the canyon. There is an old mining camp with cabins and equipment. Follow the canyon up....and up.

Black Canyon:
There are several canyons of varying size and length cutting through the ridge behind the Chicken Strip. I like to hike a canyon one way, then scramble up to the ridge to hike back. Great views of the Springs and the Inyos. When hiking solo, the solitude and silence will clear your mind.
Also, these hikes are near the Springs, so no driving is necessary. I usually hiked 5-6 hours mid-day (temp about 80 F.)

Around the Chicken Strip and over to about 100 yards below the Lower Springs, I actually got pretty good 4G cell reception (with ATT). So, when I went hiking, I was able to check emails and make calls (only when unavoidable !!!)



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Any hikes you can suggest for those who like to hike ??   Any distance/elevation gain is acceptable.

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I don't know how many of those adjectives apply to me, but I certainly enjoyed meeting you and Steve and the rest of your crew.
Thanks for taking me hiking in Beveridge Canyon!

I ended up staying two more weeks after you guys left.....a total of 19 days at the Springs. Lots of hiking and soaking.
I'm back home now.......already planning my next trip to Saline.



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Got to love those 22 adjectives describing fellow Springs folk. Spot on. 
Captain Yarry

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Hello My Fellow Saliners!

My dad and I will be making another trek out to our favorite spot in the desert in a few weeks, and I wanted to put a shout out to anyone and everyone we have met in the past years at the Springs in case you wanted to hook up with us.  With luck, we will have Dan with us as well.

We will be taking my Dad's new Lancer rig out this time, so I am leaving the Imperial Car Destroyer in its docking berth at home for this trip.  Don't worry, it will be back out to the Springs early next year if I have anything to say about it!  (Have new tires this time, all ten of them).  We usually camp up near the Wizard Pool.

Looks like we will be out between roughly October 22nd and October 30th.  Most likely come in North Pass, but will check the road conditions as we get closer to departure.

Would love to hook up with any of the brilliant, zany, amazing, libatious, gregarious, deep, sexy, humble, phenominal, subliminal, thoughtful, cheerful, quiet, introspective, loquatious, logical, magical, transcendent, down-to-earth, head in the clouds, timeless, unreal people we have had the profound pleasure to have met over the years!  You know who you are.  Come out and soak with us!

~~Captain Yarry & Father Steve
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