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Evan Brown

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I may just do that... as I said time is an issue.....So no to going up to glacier view... 


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Just pick a dirt road off of Big Pine Road and turn right, plenty of camping out there in the harkless, papoose areas.
Evan Brown

Posts: 3
Thanks everyone...   I am still looking at options     I see if I am close to North Pass I have the whipporwhill flats   If I am running behind I may not make it quite that far before night.. so now I am looking at harkless flat area???   and heading down north pass in am...  Having to keep options open...      thanks again for any and all ideas


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Contact me at for specifics on a site that should work well for you. Drew

Posts: 19
The area "right before North Pass" coming from the north (Big Pine) is Whipporwill Flats; it is heavily covered with pinyon pine and about 7000' elevation. There are numerous short turn offs along the road (especially on west side of road) right before you start to descend that are flat and nice--is Forest Service land. I have camped in that area a lot. No facilities and no water. Your bikes (and I know they are motorcycles and what they can do) will have zero problem. Again, you can camp literally 20-50 m off the road or closer. Lots of hunters use the area in fall so many existing fire rings. If you head down the canyon over the pass you are out of luck on camping until you get near the bottom...unless the weather is bad I would stay higher. Safe travels.

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Adventure bikes are motorcycles.
Salt Peter

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There are several roads in the area that branch off from SVR. Most are located out of NPS land. I think a quick google earth recon would show possible campsites. Since you are on a bicycle it would give you that much more in regards to camping. Just know the BLM rules.
Evan Brown

Posts: 3
Hi, I am riding our adventure bikes thru saline valley in a week or two.  I have been to the springs before and we were planning on camping there.  However we have to get a little later start then normal and I am looking for a backup plan so we are not riding after dark....  We are coming in North pass from Big Pine and did read that in the area right before North Pass there are some older dispersed sights that you can find to camp in...  My understanding this is between the road to Jackass flats and North Pass?   Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.. IF we end up camping before the hot springs we will ride in for a soaking and then move on... Enjoyed it last time and can't wait to again..
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