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Yeah, sadly I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that the "community" at the springs is simply never going to be able to win a battle with the internet and as much as I can't believe I'm saying this I'm starting to think some of the more draconian proposals in the NPS plans for the springs are probably the lesser evil.  The reality is the springs are still wonderful and well served by the "community" for about 8 or 9 months of the year but the other 3 or 4 months are becoming an unmitigated disaster.  Holiday weekends are simply beyond the pale and need to be squashed - hard.  The NPS plans would have little impact on the experience for the 8 or 9 low visitation months and would put a lid on the stupidity the other 3 or 4 months.

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My favorite is the dogs that come into your camp and pee on your stuff and go through your trash. Oh, I really like the dogs that attack your dog and charge at you! That's super fun!!! All of that happened on my last trip. But the best part is.....wait for it........splattered feces on the bathroom floor with a big turd behind the toilet!!! How the hell does one manage that???? Found that one after I packed up camp and was heading out.

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This is the result of those f%$*&^g Yelp reviews.
I knew no good could come of those.
I wonder if there's a spring somewhere on Jackass Flats?
paul belanger

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PS If "shirtcocking" is what I think it is, I'm guilty. I need to keep the sun off my back and arms. My bottom half is not so sensitive. I always wear a long sleeve t-shirt and nothing else.
paul belanger

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Truly the worst. No swimmie diapers?? Floaters?? SWIMMING IN THE FISH POND????

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Did you talk to these campers?  or did you talk to lizard lee about it?  or did you find the evidence after they left? 

Unfortunately this is what happens when hot springs get commercialized... Everyone and their mom shows up thinking it's their right to do whatever they please.  And whatever bad habits they have in their own home they bring it to the springs. 

I propose that we place a big "hot springs rules and etiquette" sign placed in the bathrooms.  Everyone goes to the bathroom and if it's right in front of them while they drop a deuce, they will read it. 

Other than that, is fining ppl out of the question?

Just say no to shirtcocking, or donald ducking! [biggrin]

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This weekend my wife and I encountered some of the most inconsiderate campers I have ever encountered at the springs. The worst of the indiscretions was the lack of swim diapers on babies, and the ensuing “floater” that was left in the Lobster Pot tub. Finding feces in the tub that you are soaking in is a truly awful experience. While we're on the subject, teaching your toddler to pee on a tree is fine, but please choose a tree that is not on the lawn. I would also like to suggest, parents keep your children out of the fish pond, It is full of shower and dish washing water (gray water).


The lawn at saline valley is a communal gathering place, if your child, dog, or activity is disruptive to the current situation, you are probably the ass hole. Please be considerate of other campers.


A general rule for all public camp grounds is to be conscious of your volume at night, especially if you arrive after dark and do not know your neighbors. If you want to have a “party” camp please choose a camp site that is appropriately distanced from other campers.


Bring your own firewood, don't chop down the local vegetation, and put out your fire before you leave.


On a lighter note … Just say no to shirtcocking.  

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