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That's a good question.  When the Park imposed the 30 day limit after taking over Saline Valley, I thought the limit was pretty arbitrary and probably shorter than it needed to be.  I don't feel people should be able to move out there permanently so some limit seems reasonable.  Going the other direction, I always liked the fact that people like Mammoth Bob could stay there for a few months in the winter and during that time do some pretty substantial car repairs for people that needed them, all for a donation that was much less than the same work would have cost at home.  This was good for Bob and really, really good for people that had vehicle trouble.  Bob welded a broken shock absorber bracket for a friend that saved him a lot of grief on the way out.  He was quite thankful for Mammoth Bob's presence out there.

My own judgement is that the limit could be raised to 45 days without a lot of problems.  It could be done provisionally for something like a year or two, with someone paying attention to whether added problems due to longer stays could be documented.  

I could see provision made for a small number (less than 5) of people who could stay longer IF they provided some sort of needed service as Bob did.  I know Lee does this now, but I would guess he would welcome some help.  There may be good reasons not to do this and I'd like to hear arguments against.  I know the Park would probably regard it as a loosening of rules that could lead to a slippery slope that they would prefer to avoid.  Bureaucrats tend to like really nice firm, clear rules and tend to avoid things that require judgement on their part.
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Currently the limit for camping is 30 days per calendar year. Do we want to keep this the same or change this limit?

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