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Wow, I think SalineOldTimer needs to find a new hangout. I for one and grateful that Lee has basically given up life as the general public knows it to keep this place going and basically with his very presence keep the DVPS at bay. I was told by a park employee that the only reason the park hasn't jumped in and taken over this oasis is because that is his home. When he dies so does the freedom SVWS has. They will come in and convert it to a typical park services area. That means big changes and probably many more restrictions. People need to realize this and enjoy this last bastion of the past. Seriously!  
Sam D.

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I sent you a PM

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If the post needs to be moved to another place, fine, but do not delete it with no mention of why it was removed or where it was moved to.  

Freedom of speech, whether I agree with what is said, I uphold the freedom to say it.

What is the biggest camp need after one of these large gathering weekends? How can one camp host control things with this large of a group event? Does the Park send in extra personnel to assist the host when so many people are known to attend?
Sam D.

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I guess SPA moderators took this crap down? It has little to do with Camp Needs. Are you sure you want to bring it back?

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This was in my email slot this morning but when I looked just now for replies I could not find it. 


A new reply has been posted in a topic you're following. 
Camp Needs
Posted Feb 17 by SalineOldTimer in the Camp Needs category
So, how many people are going to confront Lizard Lee right after the game? He needs to be put on notice about his 
Firewood burning. 
Burro feeding. 
Anti-social personality. 
Collecting his burro manure into the common firepit. 
Bad hygiene - never washing himself before soaking as somebody pointed out. 
Asking his minions to tell visitors to bypass soaking at tha Crystal pool when his Majesty graces us with his presence there. 
Calling park rangers to remove the tables aka the tablegate. 
Setting Crystal pool temp to scolding high. 
Wasting cold water on growing the burro lawn that feeds his pets. 
Chasing out George & Rhea. 

This dude is washed out. He needs to go. I hope people will join me in numbers to walk 

Thank you
Sam D.

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Lizard Lee always needs AA and AAA batteries. He welcomes donations as well.

There are only 4 remaining Koi fish that survived in the koi pond. Whoever brought the fish, please bring more.



Lower Springs:

NO BLEACH FOR NOW  - got enough

Spray bottles to mist bleach  - reduces bleach consumption tenfold - leave them by the Crystal pool.
These will work:

Clorox Bleach Foamers
- or other bleach based cleaners  - Single pooper has enough. The double pooper could use 2 more in each stall.

Solid Air Fresheners like this:

Biodegradable dishwashing soap

Premium Toilet Paper.

Kitchen scrubbing sponges

Paper Towels + gloves + elbow grease are needed for cleaning the restrooms but PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE USED PAPER TOWELS  into the restroom tanks. Collect into your trash bag and take them home. Do not leave unused paper towels in the restrooms - hide them in the storage, donate to camp host or take back home. People use paper towels to wipe hands and throw them into the tanks. Paper towels do not break easily and often clog pump truck hoses.

Palms Springs:

Broom or two:
1) Squeegee-broom type is most useful for sweeping the sand while draining the tubs; and
2) Regular kitchen type broom for sweeping the shower deck and outhouse.

TP is the only supplies that would be needed in the near future at Palm Spring so only bring septic approved and no Charmin type TP.

Biodegradable dishwashing soap

Kitchen scrubbing sponges

Solid Air Fresheners like this:

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I miss them!!! Such good people. Couldn’t ask for better hosts.

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I will respond on this thread rather than a P.M. as others may want to visit them also.

They are spending the entire winter, probably until mid-April at De Anza Springs Resort which is off of I-8 near Jacumba,CA.
1951 Carrizo Rd.
Jacumba, CA 91934

I don't know which camp site they are in.


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♡♡♡ That is wonderful! Where in San Diego? I would love to stop by to give them a thanks! They were always so nice!

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Just a little info about Georg and Ria that most of you probably do not know.
They would accept cash donations and would sell aluminum cans and some bottles in town (it was rare that they went to town) all of the money received went into a separate account.
From this account, they only bought supplies for the Palm Springs area and they kept the place well supplied and maintained.
When they made their final departure, they gave just short of $300 to SPA, which will then be used for spring maintenance as originally intended.

A comment about Ria.
On busy weekends, she would get up around 5:00 am each morning to clean the out-house before the crowd arrived.

They are now spending the winter at a camp near San Diego; our loss.

Happy soaks.
Salt Peter

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How bout George and Ria as a replacement for Lee. Quasi-permanent like LL is now.
They will have the whole place in check in no time. No more burros looking for handouts at sunset. No more burning of donated wood. They would actually have an interest in the springs instead of looking out for themselves.

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Now I know another reason I won't visit the lower camp, and to think I brought wood with me at Thanksgiving, glad I didn't leave it for Lee to burn.

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While a camp host is necessary to keep a basic eye out to let park officials know what's going on and for emergence safety reasons.
Lee needs to be replaced too many days in the sun. I would be OK with him staying there perminantly as thanks for a time he may have been a good host, but he is hostile twords visitors wich I feel is contrary to what a good National park person should be.I would think the National park would want cheerful energetic encouraging helpful people. I have been helped by Lee in a medical situation but that's about all I can say for that help. But never have ever gotten a simple friendly smile.
Hey park officials look into this!!!!
I would sign a petition to get a new host.
Oh and that don guy who was at the upper springs was totally a piece in my book!!
James Sel

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nothing new here

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Wood burning illustrates the camp host’s anti-social anti-visitor stance. I believe he burns community firewood for two reasons:

1) He does not like people making noise by the fire pit once he retires to his Fortress of Solitude;

2) He sells firewood so people’s donations compete with his business.

Otherwise, I do not know how to explain this anti-social behavior.

I propose ALL visitors coming for the President’s Day weekend get together and confront Lizard Lee – all 200+. In addition, the park rangers visit the campgrounds during the holiday. Please talk to them.

The camp host’s antics are getting detrimental to people’s enjoyment of the springs. Can somebody explain why he gathers burro crap into the common area fire pit? Can somebody explains why he defines everyone and feeds his burros?

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