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Salt Peter

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I don't get the need for tons of wood down at the lower springs but I rarely go down there. I prefer Palm Spring instead. But if there's some left over and you want to donate I get that.

I always take out ashes which is good advice. I don't feel it is imperative to make fire rings smaller. That's the type of behavior I see a lot of "nature groups" guilty of - I like it this way and feel it is the way to go. If someone wants a big fire let them have it. I don't like rebuilding fire rings/pits. That being said, my fires are tame. I like to sit close and enjoy it for what it is. Please don't tear down fire pits.

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The deal with the wood situation at community burn rings is some campers will burn at will if there is a big pile to supply their big ass fire that you need to stand way back from.  I would never want to regulate but come on guys. Do you really need to have a fire so big you can't stand by it?  No matter how much firewood the Lower Springs community pit get stocked with it usually goes by way too quick.  Saline Springs relies a lot on etiquette and the firewood thing seems to be missing out here.  I like to use good etiquette and bring a couple logs for the fire when visiting others camp if I have it. So next time you go to hang out at the Lower bring a log and burn it like you hauled it out there. 

Upper Camp needs;
Break down huge fire pits that you need to build a huge fire in to stay warm.  If you have to stand back 3 feet because the fire ring is 9' diameter you need to waste wood.  I do at least one every trip. Major Tom & Carolynn taught me this.  Remove rocks so there are only 1 or 2 rocks wide around the perimeter and just a couple high around the burn pan. Always try to lead by example and leave your burn pan clean and always use a burn pan.
James Sel

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It was two and a half weeks ago when I seen similar activity. It was around 2:00 to 2:30PM, when Lee was cleaning crystal pool, he had started a small fire in the main fire pit. The wood used was half of the last and little from the wood pile. OK may be he was burning something off, but after cleaning and filling the pool he put the last couple of pieces of wood on the fire. Shortly later when it had turned dark, I  walked by the fire pit to see the fire struggling to burn as the fuel was all turning to coals and no body around to enjoy it. The scene reminded me of the previous night when I pulled in to the springs just after dark pulled up and went for a walk in the community area. I figured that fire was left by campers who were previously enjoying it. I now think it was more likely than not that Lee had burned it off in the same manner. Note some of this wood was cut lumber and would not have been a insect threat.

Bugs... In may visits in the last year I have noticed that there are a lot of wood-roaches and black widows in the central area. It was early Nov. when I walked around and killed eight widows in the area of the sink, C-pool, fire pit benches and library. The roaches where uncountable and all over the place. Anyways, I know that both like wood and are likely being brought in with it particularly the roaches. 

I yet to make any conclusions but am suspicious.

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Well, I think it's acceptable to use wood from the pile for camp needs. If we have to burn palm stumps or freshly cut vegetation or "fresh" manure, then there are
2 options: gasoline/bbq starter fluid or firewood. In the past, freshly cut vegetation was fed to burros but since nobody wants the burros hanging at the springs, we have to burn the fresh trimmings. I can only speculate about what the reasoning was to burn some firewood. And it was to burn some of the wood to burn everything wet or not much flammable. Of course I'll make some inquiries with Lizard Lee when I visit in March. I do not believe though that his intention was to burn the firewood so he could sell his. I've never heard him offering it to anyone for sale. I've seen piles of wood in the donation area for weeks on hand without being burnt. So I think Lee's timing vs Bob's departure was simply coincidental.

Now I think we flogged the horse to the ground so let's stop speculating and start soaking.

Will somebody post the score past Prez Day?

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The fire wood donations at the lower springs is, and has always been, for the use of the enjoyment of the general population at the fire pit in the evenings; any other usage is simply unacceptable, especially to incinerate burro crap. The burro crap can be simply removed from the camping vicinity and disposed of in the desert, just as the burros would do if they did not congregate at the lower springs.

Burros have a habit of regularly crapping in the near vicinity of where they eat. The main reason for all of the burro mess at the lower springs is that they are regularly fed there; it is this form of domestication which causes the burro's dependence upon humans. Unfortunately, this domestication has probably exceeded  the point of-no-return; now they need to be relocated or, worst case, destroyed as this situation will continue to deteriorate. I for one, enjoy the burros, at arms length.

We are now in an unfortunate situation, that the good samaritan firewood donors are not accomplishing the desired effect, through no fault on their part. I suggest that firewood be brought in by those intending to have a fire; at least they would have some wood to burn. This is a sad state-of-affairs, but until some, at least, semi-permanent resolution can be implemented, those at the lower springs can have fires which they supply.

Happy soaks and fire, in a burro crap free zone.


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ROAD DRAG    This is a large length of dozer track that can be pulled behind a vehicle to "smooth" out Bat Rock Road.  It has a new harness which I installed. It exists somewhere near the road at preferable  either end.  

I would like to encourage anyone to pull it, a trailer ball works best, when coming in or out of the springs.  Note:  It is set on an angle so it will kick rocks off the road to the left but it may leave a rock/boulder in the road if a rock/boulder where to be caught by the right side of the drag.     So  set your mirrors to view drag and tend to have it somewhat to the left side of the road.  If you encounter an on coming car stop so they don't hit the drag with their tire. You take the right of way, let them move off the road.  No need to drag it up onto the  hard shelf the springs are located on, only works in the sandy rocky part of the road which is 95% of the road.
Major Tom

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The park service recommends we use fire pans and remove our ashes. The firepans supplied by SPA some years back and looking kind of rough. If you have something that might serve as a firepan (old weber bbqs work really well!), such donations to the camp would likely be well received.
Major Tom

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Part of the magic of the Springs is that this exceptional environment has been created and maintained by the people who use it. The best tradition has been one of personal responsibility to this end, by people bringing in what is needed and making that personal contribution rather than just paying some money and  hoping someone else takes care of things. Contributions of any kind are welcome, but I think there is a little more personal magic invested when we contribute something truely tangible.

Here is my suggestion as to how to make this work. If you see something listed here as "needed" then go ahead and take it in if you can, and make a post indicating you are taking in that item. People who are interested in supporting this thread should ask Lee what is currently needed, and then post it here when you get back to town. Remember: if you are taking something in, let us know so we dont end up with as many (garden hoses) as we currently have toilet paper pallettes! (hint: we have plenty of toilet paper at the moment)

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