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Major Tom

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Part of the magic of the Springs is that this exceptional environment has been created and maintained by the people who use it. The best tradition has been one of personal responsibility to this end, by people bringing in what is needed and making that personal contribution rather than just paying some money and  hoping someone else takes care of things. Contributions of any kind are welcome, but I think there is a little more personal magic invested when we contribute something truely tangible.

Here is my suggestion as to how to make this work. If you see something listed here as "needed" then go ahead and take it in if you can, and make a post indicating you are taking in that item. People who are interested in supporting this thread should ask Lee what is currently needed, and then post it here when you get back to town. Remember: if you are taking something in, let us know so we dont end up with as many (garden hoses) as we currently have toilet paper pallettes! (hint: we have plenty of toilet paper at the moment)

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