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♡♡♡ That is wonderful! Where in San Diego? I would love to stop by to give them a thanks! They were always so nice!

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Just a little info about Georg and Ria that most of you probably do not know.
They would accept cash donations and would sell aluminum cans and some bottles in town (it was rare that they went to town) all of the money received went into a separate account.
From this account, they only bought supplies for the Palm Springs area and they kept the place well supplied and maintained.
When they made their final departure, they gave just short of $300 to SPA, which will then be used for spring maintenance as originally intended.

A comment about Ria.
On busy weekends, she would get up around 5:00 am each morning to clean the out-house before the crowd arrived.

They are now spending the winter at a camp near San Diego; our loss.

Happy soaks.
Salt Peter

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How bout George and Ria as a replacement for Lee. Quasi-permanent like LL is now.
They will have the whole place in check in no time. No more burros looking for handouts at sunset. No more burning of donated wood. They would actually have an interest in the springs instead of looking out for themselves.

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While a camp host is necessary to keep a basic eye out to let park officials know what's going on and for emergence safety reasons.
Lee needs to be replaced too many days in the sun. I would be OK with him staying there perminantly as thanks for a time he may have been a good host, but he is hostile twords visitors wich I feel is contrary to what a good National park person should be.I would think the National park would want cheerful energetic encouraging helpful people. I have been helped by Lee in a medical situation but that's about all I can say for that help. But never have ever gotten a simple friendly smile.
Hey park officials look into this!!!!
I would sign a petition to get a new host.
Oh and that don guy who was at the upper springs was totally a piece in my book!!
James Sel

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nothing new here

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Wood burning illustrates the camp host’s anti-social anti-visitor stance. I believe he burns community firewood for two reasons:

1) He does not like people making noise by the fire pit once he retires to his Fortress of Solitude;

2) He sells firewood so people’s donations compete with his business.

Otherwise, I do not know how to explain this anti-social behavior.

I propose ALL visitors coming for the President’s Day weekend get together and confront Lizard Lee – all 200+. In addition, the park rangers visit the campgrounds during the holiday. Please talk to them.

The camp host’s antics are getting detrimental to people’s enjoyment of the springs. Can somebody explain why he gathers burro crap into the common area fire pit? Can somebody explains why he defines everyone and feeds his burros?


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Let's talk about that community firewood, can we?

Over a week, I witnessed Lee build a fire every day with the "excess" firewood left in the pile. Each. and. every. day. HE piled it on, like ON. Every day at 2:30 when the crystal pool was emptied a fire was started. No one sat around it to enjoy it, no one to utilize the time/heat. It was always a larger fire - 5-7 logs - and he burnt it until all the wood in the pile was gone. Something along the lines of burning it to burn it so there was nothing there for people to use to discourage the late-night parties from happening. He stoked it and left it. Then the sun went down, and about the time folks would show up there was just a small pile of coals. Wood burned, pile lessened, and more wood was retrieved from camp(s) to have a good time. People would stop by and throw in excess wood to the pile, but it was summarily burned.

I bring wood every time I go. I used to leave my excess at the pile, but after witnessing it I will no longer do so. The pile doesn't stay for community fires. It gets burned by the host so that there is less and discourages folks from hanging out at the community pit. You don't see this on holiday weekends or the busy weeks because there are some significant "old-timers" who will call him out on it; and/or he knows better than to do so. But for those who show up with a small amount of wood and hope to contribute in part to a community night during the slow/quiet weeks, it's difficult to have a pile build over a few days and then be able to enjoy an evening when all the wood you bring is burned out of spite.

Bring your wood, but I'd recommend only bringing it to the community pit when you plan on attending. This, unless the host is realigned.

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Please bring firewood exclusively for the lower springs community fire pit  not   just leftover wood from your private camp. Thanks  

Might be extra folks over Pres Day weekend

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So what are some of the camp needs this week? We are coming up this weekend 2/2
James Sel

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Needing a picture of the fish pond is proof you know nothing about the subject. There, for one, is no fish pond there. Though feeders end up in the pond for good reason. If anything like this shows up I'll remove it. Unless the park puts it in, which would only happen on a cold day in hell.

mike s

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One more thing to garner complaints to the park superintendent. One more nail.
Sam D.

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1) Such cover is an eyesore and nobody can change my artistic preferences.
2) These "grids" have to be tied to each other somehow, so when the wind blows in heavy palm prongs they will sink the covers to the bottom trapping the fish.
3) These grids will have to be cut to accommodate the surface area. Leaving holes will defeat the purpose.
4) Such cover is an eyesore and nobody can change my artistic preferences.
Sam D.

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It is an eyesore IMHO. Perhaps something like this will work?
Soakin' Stu

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While I would be sad to see all the koi gone, I would be more sad about seeing the eye-sore of a cover over the pond. Anyone up for some heron hunting?

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A Cover ? SMFH

right. [rolleyes]
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