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Right on Mylo. This board has become a magnet for negativity. It comes only from a few exclusionary, but very vocal, (at least on line, behind a screen) people. In the mountain sports community we have a name for this: whiney little biatches. I've been coming to saline 1-7 times a year, since I was 17. I like saline for its atmosphere of inclusiveness. I like saline for get things done mentality. I like saline for the realness of the experience. People are going to come to the valley, people you don't know. To quote a legend: "The times they are a changing." Much of that change is in our hands, and those hands depend on the attitude of their owners. Lighten up! Be more welcoming! Less "back in my day..." Because guess what. We are not there any more. We are here, now. 

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I gotta laugh, haven't been to this board in awhile but visit the springs often.  Most, if not all Meetup groups as mentioned above, are good caring people.  Amazing how some here automatically draw immediate negative suspicious eye' about anything or anyone new......James, lol.  After reading some of the subjects here, some always sound like a bunch of clucking chickens .  Anyway and anyhow, I do like the Forum here, much very good info. & I tip my hat to those who keep it going, thanks.

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"Nobody goes there anymoreit's too crowded."

     - Yogi Berra
Sparky of SoCal

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James McMurty lyric quote! Don't see that much!

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I don't know how the Hot Springs Adventure Group could be any different than the 14-vehicle-strong Xterra group that visited for the last 3 days.  They needed a little "advise", which was provided by the camp host.  After that, everything was fine.  Most people who make the effort to get to the springs don't want to cause trouble for others.  

Threads like this one always remind me of the lyrics of the James McMurtry song, "Too Long In The Wasteland".

"You should have been here back about ten years, before it got ruined by folks like you."

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Lol! I'm gonna lock in that phone number now James before someone else grabs it. Springs are gonna be around for awhile. I think we 're safe...... just knocked on wood
Dusty Trails

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Some think the NPS is going to ruin this place.  I believe the internet will beat them to it.
James Sel

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 Call TEET at 1-800-555-Mooo

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Cool!!! More customers for TEET (Triggers Emergency Extraction and Towing)!!!

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California Hot Spring Adventures Meetup is a good group. I've gone on a few of their outings.

Many to places I've already visited. I've also on this forum & have been to SV
4 or 5 times over 20 years. One trip was not successful. CHSA is a loosely organized
Sacramento mostly group. Some are very knowledgeable but a lot of newcomers tag along.
Mainly a textiled crowd though myself & many aren't.

Tend to be well behaved older people mostly. Many don't know each other. It's public and
anyone can join even you guys if interested. I've been a lurker here for a good while.
I'll likely not be on this trip 11/13/15.  They are aware of the hazardous rocky dirt roads
and are looking at sharing 4WD/AWD vehicles.

James Sel

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Well I for one have no use for the link. I don't understand why the group is being promoted here? We are our own group, perhaps a specialized group, that many of us have known each other for more than 20 years. Some claim us to be a family. Most of us welcome new members both here and at the springs. That said if people have already found this "message board" they already know where the springs are and aren't looking for and outside tour group, generally. The pictures posted on the link have images of some of this groups members. I seen some old and new friends even the new Palm Springs camp host. Welcome to the board?

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Hello all, I didn't mean to start a fire storm or anything.  I just saw this Meet Up and I thought I'd post the link here.  It's not spam and I've never gone on an outing with this group.  

I just joined your forum this morning after it was recommended to me by an avid death valley explorer that I know from the Wander the West forum  

I plan to visit SV next weekend for my first time and I can assure you that I plan to be very mindful of the special place that it is.  I'm open to ANY advice from you veterans on how to embrace the area and I'll be very glad to do my part to help with upkeep, etc. during my visit.  

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I hope that isn't the group that I remember from 2014. They acted like guests at a resort. All they did was use the place.
Big Jeff

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Over exposure yes, Good people probably.  Checkout the link, 54 pictures from turkey day 2014 and this trip is limited to 12 people.  They look reasonably prepared, not the type to trash the place.  Hopefully
they understand the Saline Solution "Bring Stuff, Do Stuff, Take Trash Home".
James Sel

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This is spam.
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