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I just returned from the springs, and I want to get the word out about a troubling burro behavior that we need to address in camp.  The burros are eating cardboard and paper.  We need to get the word out that cardboard and paper should not be left out anywhere where you are camping, that they can get to, even if it's for starting fires.  I saw them eating a 12 pack box with cans still in it.  Some kind folks left cardboard behind when they left, for someone else to start a fire with, and they were ripping that all up, and it got caught by the wind and pieces of it blew away across the desert, they were even getting into someones box that had camping supplies stored in it.  Please pass the word and let your neighbors know to keep it away from them.  Also, there were some orange peels in various fire-boxes and they went after these too.  They are basically after anything that has cellulose in it.  

Pass the word, and keep an eye out for your neighbor and the burros. 

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