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sunny okanogan

Posts: 19
the song is a few years old and I've played it at the wizard pool.


Posts: 21
The springs definately need more exposure, so sure, compose your song or better yet compose an opera.
sunny okanogan

Posts: 19
I was wondering if the SPA could use a song I recorded for a fund raiser? I could get one of the kids that grew up around here to figure out how to make it work. I live up by the Canadian boarder and low and behold one night when I played it someone yelled out , " Lizard Lee !!! Anyways I think if we offered it, it might warm a few hearts and possibly turn a few Bucks for the cause. If there is any interest let me know and I can get one of the kids to figure out how to make it work. Of corse I would send the song to you all first to see if you like it or if I'm just F.O.S.  Sundog,  AKA Sunny Okanogan


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Posts: 126
I want to thank the people that have put in their response for the SPA board opening. We will be meeting soon to discuss and vote on the 2 positions that are open. Again, thank you all for taking your time for this.

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