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Make sure that you get one which there are zips that close any mosquito netting with nylon.


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2X on the REI base camp 4 we been using since one 2002 at Saline We did have to add a bunch of hold downs stakes this past spring during high winds.

Besides that our Cheyenne Indian style Tipi has held up well in the wind.

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Thanks to all who recommended a tent for me. I actually ended up buying an old style Russian military dome that's supposed to withstand nuclear falloff at least.
I have some doubts about most of the claims . I'll give it a test drive late Sept.

Now I need to buy a solar powered AC or Swamp Cooler. Is there anything you can recommend? I doubt I can make my own.

Many thanks,


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Here's one fancy dome tent in high winds.  At least it doesn't blow away.


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the one i got from jeep, is a little big, but it sure is nice...
it has an  interesting passive cooling system designed into the tent .... 
it has "cup holders" that hang  from the ceiling
2 "closets" that zip up to keep your clothes or camera type gear clean
1 or 2 private rooms and a screen room 
when its staked down properly it does not flap around in the wind
with my home made solar powered swamp cooler i can take a nap in the middle of the day 
the company that made the tent was great when it came to replacing a pole i broke

as you can tell i love gadgets
Patrick McNeil

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I have used both the Habitat 4 ($269.00) and the Base Camp 4 ($345.00) from REI and both held up well in the wind. We usually camp at the middle springs and out in the open. There is plenty of ventilation in the Base Camp, but I tend to put on the rain-fly just to keep out the dust. I don't know if you wanted to spend that much on a tent, but my 8 years of going to Saline at least 3 times a year I have never had any trouble with REI tents.

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Check out the Hobitat-4 from REI.  At first sight I thought it would not do so well in the wind because of the high profile.  This tent is awsome in the wind.  When others are flattened out the Hobitat is standing tall.  You can actually stand up in the whole tent not just the middle at the peak.  Without the rainfly the whole top and two corners are screen for stargazing and ventelation.  Three big windows to open for more flow.


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Check out the Sierra Designs Meteor Light or the Comet. These are the workhorses of most outdoors people who demand a high performance tent at  a reasonable price. I do not recommend cheap tents. The times you really need a tent, I assure you a cheap one will not do.

From Baja to the Arctic and all places in between. Saline Valley since 1982!

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I'm afraid you will have all those issues with any tent.  Dome tents (not cheap) don't make flapping noises, but they will compress down in strong winds.  I don't see how you can get good enough ventilation without stuffiness, without also losing privacy and letting the moon shine in.

In general, I avoid using a tent in Death Valley, spring through fall anyway, and just sleep on a ground cloth.  At least that addresses the stuffiness and flapping issue.  If I need a wind break, I rotate myself head downwind and surround my head area with coolers and duffle bags which can do an amazing job of breaking the wind within a foot of the ground.  If there are bugs, I use a little popup screen tent that surrounds the head area of my sleeping bag.

In 10 years, I've only set up my tent a couple of times due to threatening rain or winds so strong it was impossible to sleep.  If I had to buy a new tent for Saline Valley use, I would actually go for a cheap Walmart one, since I'd only use it in emergencies.

The situation might be different in winter when you'd really need more protection.

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Hi! I purchased this cheap 2 person tent at Walmart and tried it the last time I camped at the springs. I totally hated the tent.

It was flapping in the wind. The noise woke me up a few times.
There was little privacy - people could see what/who was inside.
The moon light penetrated the material.
Despite openings, it felt stuffy and warm after a while.

Can somebody recommend a decent brand/model a working person can afford please that can satisfy the aforementioned requirements? What works for you at SVHS?

Many thanks in advance,

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