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I agree, it makes me sad because it's not in the spirit of the amazing place I found on my first trip to Saline a few years ago.


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Nice. personal attacks and vicious comments achieve nothing. Nice please.

I'm sorry

Oh! wait that wasn't me.

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I agree. I just asked a question about the northpass and people made rude comments, Sadly I made rude comments back. (and I apologize about that).

paul belanger

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I totally agree, Big.  I have been the target of some attacks on this board, it didn't feel good.  My comment about water on the patio tree was really just a friendly, and thinly veiled, and fairly weak, excuse to work in a Pulp Fiction reference.

We are all on the same team. It's cooled off, the season has begun.  Here's to hoping everyone gets to spend as much time as possible at Saline this year.  Best wishes and be safe, y'all!

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I've read several postings the last couple months that seem to be attacking in their messages and tone. I would hope that we can all just be positive and send positive vibes to one another.  Isn't that what the spirit of being in this special place would want?  Just my 2 cents.
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