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You can buy metal stock tanks in a wide assortment of sizes - biggest one I've seen is 24' X 24', but you could probably get one as large as you want.

It isn't cheap heating up hundreds of gallons of water to SV temps (especially in an uninsulated metal tank), but since you've been so kind, Starry, to volunteer to create what will, essentially, be a Saline Valley Hot Springs 2.0 in your backyard, I for one would be glad to donate a few bucks, and I'm sure the rest of us would be willing to help out.

So we need to know your home address, when is a good time for all of us to show up, and where's a good place to park so your neighbors don't get overwhelmed when all of us show up.

Of course, we realize it will take a little time to create Saline Valley 2.0 in your backyard, but we are patient people. So, will everything be ready by Labor Day weekend?


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Look for "Old Hippies with lots of time on their hands". 

Seriously, nothing out there (except the Wizard Pool) was built by professionals.  It was all created over many years by people with a little imagination and a lot of patience.  Don't overthink it, just do it.

Good luck with your project!

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Okay, thanks for letting me know.  It begins as a stock tank, I wouldn't have guessed that.  I see photos on Pinterest of the stock tank pools and the images of the galvanized metal does nothing for me, in fact, leaves me feeling cold.

If I was to look to hire an artisan for the stone work, what kind of specialty would I look for?
Salt Peter

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Lots of videos on youtube about stock tank pools.

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Find 4' or 5' round stock tank.

Plant it in your yard and add concrete, stone, and some accents.

It's a round steel trough. You can find/order one from the Depot, Lowes, or your favorite farm tack store. By the time you've replicated the concrete and stone work you'll get it to just about the right size.

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What are the dimensions of the bathing tub?  I can guess, having sat in it for many hours.  But, I'm wondering if anyone actually knows?  I'm thinking of replicating it in the backyard.


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