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great info on the road conditions. I only had gas money?? I am setting here at No Smoking Dogs waiting for the Sept. labor Day party. Let's see lots of beer, wine BBQ stuff. Pool is full and abt. 105 F and so is the day time air so not a shock going from one medium to the other. All the showers in working order and ready for what ever.

Think I will just stay here! Any one want to join me? 760-262-5999

Saw Jim

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Thinking of heading in tomorrow. As it just rained, I'm concerned about mud. How long does it take to dry up a bit? I'm coming from south in a 2wd vanagon w off-road tires. Sounds like north pass is in better shape. Thanks
Indeed there is an issue of getting stuck. Possibly forever.

The "off-track" comments are an excellent example of a higher quality philosophy ( be prepared ) evolving from a lower quality philosophy ( tell me what I should do ).

Saline might make a Manly out of you yet.


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North pass is in perfect shape and freshly graded as other stated, no surprises.  It should take you 2hrs from the pavement averaging 25mph.
Weather was PERFECT over Vets weekend with very manageable crowds.

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I went in the South Pass last Wed. night.  I left Ridgecrest at 7:30pm and got to the springs at about 12:45am.  The South pass is the worst I've ever seen it and I've been going to Saline Valley since 1996.  Guaranteed your trip will be at least an hour longer taking the South Pass.  It took me about 4 hrs out of the North on Sunday and I was going slower than usual.  The north is as smooth as a baby's bottom.  So my advice would be to take the north unless you want to check out all the wash outs on the south.

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We are heading to the valley for Thanksgiving.  It'll be my 4th trip there, but I have never been before at this time of year and am wondering what the road is usually like around then.  How was the road this past weekend?


We're camping at Eureka dunes Fri night and at Saline hot springs Sat night. tiffhens, join the fun!



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Bring TWO boy scouts. You can rub them together to make a fire!

...........matches and a knife;  don't forget to bring an experienced  boy scout too.
Rusty Scout

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Carry chains this time of year. Preferrably for both axles. High clearance 4wd vehicles will have more of a chance. Extra spare, extra gas, shovel, tow strap, tools and cold weather gear(in case of high altitude bivouac). Survivorman always carries a large axe in the winter for building shelter and gathering fuel. Signal mirror, Flare gun, rescue strobe, sat phone, ham radio, cb, compass, map, gps and spot device. Holy Bible. 3weeks of food. 6 weeks of alcohol.

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Hi all, a group of us was planning on coming down for Veteran's Day weekend from Mammoth Lakes. There's a chance of rain/snow all weekend, so we're a little nervous about making our way through the North Pass. I see that the North Pass conditions forum has veered slightly off topic, so I thought I'd ask here again. We don't mind taking the South Pass if need be, but there's still an issue of getting stuck. Any advice on current road conditions, especially after this most recent storm?


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