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Just Bill

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OJ....... We are grateful for your leadership role over the years, I mean decades! Its Your imparting to other leaders of the springs the importance of participation in helping preserve this wonderful treasure so many have come to know /love and appreciate! 

To the ones who voiced their thoughts, concerns at the public hearings to the grit of those refinishing tub’s and keeping supplies replenished. THANK you for your participation!
Silver Bob and Michelle, Major Tom, Sam, Pahrump George and others   Thank  you for your history and commonsense posts to help educate folks from road washboard to spring etiquette. You are the true pioneers of the Springs that have the sense (old school) of decorum that needs to be published, read and understood.
Sooooo     yeah John it was a good year , and many more to come with sensible education and polite communications to all......campers , Rangers , & folks that sometime make ”our” experiences difficult in the Valley.
I commit to the positive forward thinking and respect all attitudes that become present. Best in 2020= thanks Spa board for your insight and leadership!
Best in moving foward!


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Thanks to all involved -- Have a great New Year!

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Thank you OregonJohn. Happy New Year to all!

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So true. Happy New Year...

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Hello Saline Valley Hot Springs users,

I wanted to write this toward the end of the year as to what a good year we have had for our beloved Springs. With the Management Plan done,( and not too bad for the community ), a MOU between SPA and the NPS, and various maintenance projects done. I think we should be proud of ourselves that the warm springs area is the cleanest and one of the best maintained in all the National Park. It's because of us, the users, that volunteer our time, our money, and our energy to be able to say this. Thank all of you for helping!

2020 will be a challenging one with the work being proposed from the Park Service, but we will be up to the task.


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