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Route 66

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Fireworks are great in their proper place and location. The "Springs" is not an appropriate place for
fireworks!.  This kind of activity will encourage the "powers to be" to come down on this wonderful
place.  After all this is a national park and wilderness area.
James Sel

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I wonder what the penalties are for position of fireworks at the spring and if there are more for lighting them. I bet it would suck to be charged.
 Every time I see fire a fire work at the springs lite off. I wonder if it will collectively lead to more ranger supervision in the valley.
Salt Peter

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Seems the general consensus is no fireworks. Sounds good to me. As said before, there is a time and place for everything. Saline is not the place for fireworks regardless of what time it is.

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I still have a video, on VHS, of the fire in the arrow weed on Thanksgiving 1989.  That fire was started by some jackass shooting bottle rockets across camp.  Watching that video, I'm still amazed that no one was hurt fighting that fire.  Next morning, there was nothing but scorched earth from the fish pond down to the end of the arrow weed, where the road goes through.  While the rest of us were fighting the fire, the culprit quickly packed his crap and took off.  That was probably a smart thing to do.

Leave the fireworks at home.  Not only are they illegal, they make a huge mess spread over a wide area.  If you insist on setting off fireworks, please choose an appropriate location to do it.  May I suggest inside your own tent?
paul belanger

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I had an encounter with someone playing with fireworks 3, 4, maybe 5 years ago....I believe it was during Easter weekend.  They were doing small "safe and sane" type fireworks....ON AN ACCESS ROAD 12 FEET WIDE BETWEEN TWO STANDS OF DRY BRUSH BELOW THE LOWER SPRINGS ON LEE'S SIDE OF THE COMPLEX!  My f**king jaw dropped!  Don't we all know how combustible that brush is??  My wife and 2 young children were sleeping in a tent in that brush!  As were at least a dozen or more persons.  I started throwing F-bombs at them, (they had young kids with them, as did I, but f**k it) told them they would be guilty of murder if anyone burned to death.  They told me "hey, buddy, take a chill pill!" and lit off another one.  I went nuts, told them if I saw one more firework going off I would get on the satellite phone and have the NPS there before the morning light, dragging them outta there in cuffs.  They got the message and stopped.  What if they had set the place on fire with people sleeping in that brush?

Fireworks have no place in the Saline Valley.  If you f**king morons gotta f**king do it anyway, go way out on the airstrip.  But my Lord, not anywhere near the brush at the lower springs.  Or anywhere else near any brush.  Idiots!

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Krispykat, I have a copy of that amazing fireworks display but it's 40mb and not something I can email or upload anywhere.  If you are really interested in seeing it I guess putting it on a disk and mailing it would be the only way for you to get it from me.  It really was a huge display and probably not something you would ever see out there again if the Park Rangers are citing people for doing fireworks there.  As the previous poster said too, the litter caused by such a display not preferable either.
Salt Peter

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I've only seen someone up near Palm Spring doing fireworks near their rig. The ranger came up from lower springs and went straight to the vehicle. On the return trip he stopped by and talked with us. He was a younger guy and friendly. Long story short he said he cited the party in question.

Fireworks cause a lot of litter and have their place. I don't feel the springs is the place for them. But I go there for peace, quiet, and solitude.

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A few years ago... I want to say either 2009 or 2010 somebody did an amazing fireworks show in the "local area"... 

I was in crystal and was not ready for it or else I would have recorded it so does anyone have a video of this event??

all i remember is picking my jaw up off the floor but wish i could witness it again!
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