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I remember a few years back when George found a Panamint Speckled in between his cooler and his damp blanket which keeps it cool.  That day we found three rattlesnakes, all within 60 yards of the volcano.

There is a couple that frequents the springs which bring their kitties and they are kept on leashes on a tether. They could certainly be an easy meal for a coyote.

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I knew a dog that kept getting bit in the nose by a snake, and never suffered any from it, unless the venom made the dog bark more. Usually the snake is conservative about how much venom they will inject into something they cant swallow. The young ones don't quite have that control down. You don't want to mess with them anyway, and the Panamint Speckled that is common to the springs doesn't have enough meat on its bones to make it much of a side dish with pancakes.

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I would agree with the caution related to dogs. My Golden sniffed out a rattlesnake hiking in McElvoy Canyon. Don't let anyone tell you there are no rattlers right in the campground area (at least Palm Spring). I've seen them on at least three separate trips, right in camp. They don't bother anyone, of course, if they are not bothered themselves. It seems like everytime I go to the Saline springs there are dogs off leashes. One guy claimed to have had his dog vaccinated against rattlers.But I always think about  these dogs off leashes and the trouble they might get into with snakes.
Farmer Dean

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Williams, as you well know Terriers are busy, curious dogs - I've got a few. My concern would be they'd be snatched by a coyote while they were busy trying to ferret something from under a rock. The coyotes at the Springs are ever present just a few feet into the desert, and they'll also come into your camp to snatch. And if there's a rattlesnake (and there is) within 100 yards of your camp, they'll find it in the first 10 minutes they're out of your car. I'd never bring mine to Saline, it'd be too much work watching out for them. If you bring them be prepared to watch after them - the leash would be a good idea. FD.


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Yes, please keep the dogs on leashes. It is probably the best rule that came about once the Park Service took over.

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From what I understand ...
Dogs are OK but should always be on leash.

Camping permits are officially required but I have never seen anyone check for them at Saline Valley Warm Springs.
I have never seen a place to get a permit but I believe they are likely easily available at well traveled entrances to Death Valley Park.
You might consider getting an anual pass.

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Hey All, Just planning my 1st trip out to Saline valley and wanting some info ?I guess the biggest question would be my dogs. Are thay allowed to be out there ?I have 3 Jack Russell's that are with me all of the time .And permits do you need them for camping and fires ? I'll be coming in from Reno so if I do need permits can I get them in Big Pine ? This sites a great help seems to be updated daily .

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