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county did a pair of relatively small culverts, and I have already seen water washing over the road without large flow, so be prepared
here is picture just after they finished willowcreeknow.jpg 


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was at the springs for the early March rains ( 3/10' ) and upon exiting stopped to examine the culvert at Willow Creek.  It was nearly completely closed up on it's up drain side.  With a small bar I was able to extract a half dozen good sized rocks and opened it up some.  With a larger bar and some extra arms this imminent washout could be avoided.  Check it out.


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In Idaho, we have massive flood damage every year.  I can tell you from 20 years of experience with mountain flash flooding that the way to prevent another wash-out like we saw this year is run two 48" culverts under the road.    That having been said--I hope Inyo Co. doesn't do that!!  I prefer the challenge[smile] !!

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When I went up at T'Day I noticed that when I said I was going to Saline, all the local biz people said a lot of others had stopped & bought goods & services. Very positive attitude toward us.

Thanks for letting them know we're responsible and spend $$ with them. Keep up the good work.

And a Tip of the Hat to the road crews for making all well again.
Sam D.

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I also appreciate the citizens of Inyo County though it was Fed's money that paid for the repairs this time. In any case, I attached a picture of that culvert as it was exposed a year or two ago ( I can't recall)

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 In agreement with Sparky. Well said. So easy to criticize, so hard to compliment. I would like to say, I sent an email to the county road dept. of Inyo County thanking them for their timely attention to the north road and for doing such a nice job given the monetary resources available and the considerable damage the county had to deal with during this very unusual year.

 I also thanked the citizens of Inyo County since it is their taxes that fund a lot of the road work required to keep these roads passable for the average individual.

 I humbly request that anyone passing through Inyo County on their way to the springs, stop and spend some cash in the county. Tell them your destination and let them know that they are appreciated.

Sparky of SoCal

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You just might be on to something. We know you can't please every keyboard. I will go out on a limb and say the guys on the road crew did the best they could with what time, money and resource they had. Big big picture the county has other issues with greater overall importance to deal with in these tough times.

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In order to keep the "Road Conditions" thread about road conditions, let's move the discussion of culverts and historic flooding over here where it belongs. [wave]

The North Pass road washes out periodically at a few different spots.  Paiute Canyon, north of Willow Creek, is the usual place to find damage after thunderstorms.  We seem to see some damage there every few years, although it's seldom bad enough to actually close the road to determined travellers.  The mouth of the canyon is wide enough that floodwater usually spreads out and just wipes out a long stretch of the road, rather than cutting a deep narrow ravine like we saw Willow Creek do last year. 

As I mentioned earlier, the last time I remember a washout similar to this last one was in 1999.  Prior to that, I can't remember ever seeing this much road damage since I started visiting Saline Valley in 1979.  It might happen again next year, or it might not happen again for 20 years.  Since there's no way of knowing, let's just enjoy the newly graded road while we have it.  The "I'm in a hurry!" crowd will soon have a nice washboard started and everything will be back to normal.
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