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Red Molly

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Not a lot of news, but here is what we have this year.

SPA Board of Directors


The SPA board of directors consists of five members of the Saline community who serve to represent the interests of both the NPS and the visitor-community to each other. As of this mailing, Major Tom and Paul Sieving have both elected to retire from the board, and the board would like to invite members of the Saline community who are interested in serving on the board to submit a letter of interest. This letter of interest should include

  1. A brief bio which would include
    1. Your history in the Valley
    2. Experience with non-profit boards
    3. A statement as to why you would like to serve on the board, and how much time and energy you have to offer.
    4. Any credentials you feel you can bring to the table, including previous work with governmental agencies.


To review the SPA mission statement, which the board serves to facilitate:

SPA is a non-profit organization providing an informational conduit both between and among governing agencies and a widely dispersed community who visit the Saline Valley and its Warm Springs. SPA’s goal is protection, preservation and conservation of the valley to include geology, wildlife habitat, archeology, and a traditional human presence that emphasizes responsible individual freedom of choice.


Letters of interest should be directed to:  and received no later than March 31.



News from the Park


No news perhaps is good news, and there really is no news about the proposed draft EIS and management plan for the springs. Making an inquiry to the Park administration recently about when we might expect word, the word today is: conservative estimate is that the document will be out to the public in October.” SPA will keep you informed of developments as they happen.


Recent news


A fine time was had by all over President’s Day weekend, where the “Lower Springs” Skins team took the field by scoring  33 runs against the “Upper Springs” Misfits 14 runs. 


The Saline Valley/Turtle Jim Classic had a light turn out this year. With 28 golfers participating, Mark Hendrickson (Hendy) won the coveted Green Robe with the third time with a score of 13. That is the second lowest score in the 13 years we have been playing this desert golf game. Congrats go out to all that have played this Saturday Classic. It has been fun doing this for all these years and I hope the golf came continues to be a source of fun in the years to come.    –“Oregon” John Runkle.


Wildflowers are popping up, and visitors who blazed trails were treated to Evening-Primrose and Desert Five Spots.  Promises to be a banner year for wildflowers.





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