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I have a DVD computer disk loaded with USGS Death Valley maps for sale. The disk contains over 200 USGS TOPO maps of Death Valley. These maps have the detail you just can’t get with the software maps and other paper maps out there today. The disk has 147) 1:24000 maps… 41) 1:62500 maps…  3) 1:100000 maps…  10)  1:250000 maps, and some extras. I included some older maps too, that have info not seen on newer maps. Like the 1908  map which has an area marked “Lost Wagons” I really like maps and if you do too, you will love this disk. I put a file on the disk that explains how you can navigate off these maps using FREE software and GPS. And info on how to find the maps you need for exploring a particular area. The map files are large (2GB on disk) and suitable for printing if you like to hold a hard copy. These maps are available free online. It does take a LONG time to download all these maps though. And as they say “Time Is Money”.   The Disk is $25 and that includes shipping. Send check to: Frank Ross, 866 Kelmore St., Moss Beach, CA. 94038   or   PayPal to: Money Back if not Happy.  

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