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Ended up staying a night at Palm Springs. Will certainly be back!

The roads were great and I found the navigation fairly simple. Thanks again for the assistance.

I left some Lysol cans and some about 30lbs or so of fertilizer. It was not the specs listed in the master list, though. I tried to find Lizard Lee, but he was not at his trailer. I hope he can use the fertilizer. If not, my apologies. [eek]

Posts: 4
Thanks for all the input, folks.

Sure hope to "know where to go" while I'm there. So, I'm appreciative of the help with the planning of this trip.[thumb]

I do plan to get out of the car and do lots of looking around. It would be great to stay, but I don't think that's gonna happen on this trip. Oh well... net time I guess.
Sam D.

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3 guys came on Sat using "most obvious road" based om their uncle's advice. They took a wrong term and had to ask for gas at the springs. Knowing where to go is essential.

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I'd offer the same advice my grandfather told me about playing golf.  "Just hit the ball where they pay the man to cut the grass!" 

The Saline Valley Road is so well graded now that any wrong turns would be quite obvious.  Just stay on the smooth part and you'll be golden!  The Talc City fork is actually a shorter route of you're heading back to 395, but I'm not sure it has been graded recently.  You won't see much from your truck, either way.  If you wanted to get out and hike around, The TC mining area could be interesting.

Enjoy your trip!
Sam D.

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Partially used fertilizer is ok. Bring it in.

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There's a nice road sign for the Waucoba Saline road, about 15 miles from Big Pine (don't miss the death valley road turnoff 3 miles from Big Pine).
The turnoff into the springs is not marked, it is about 32 miles from the pavement.
Take it real easy on the bat road going in, there's a deep dip right after the turnoff, and lots of runoff ruts crossing it that will bang your head, takes me 30 minutes to do the 6 miles.
Going out the south just follow your nose through grapevine canyon and lee flat, road is in beautiful condition, with some washboard coming up to Lippincott.
No snow in the passes.  Joshua trees were blooming now on lee flat.
Have fun.
Bob from Tahoe

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Been reading and enjoying the SVT site. I'm planning my first visit to the Saline Valley this weekend. I won't be staying. Just passing through.

I'd like to enter through the North Pass and exit the South Pass. I've been looking at the road conditions and it appears that they will be favorable (I have a mildly modified 4wd full-sized truck). 

How do most people navigate? Are there road signs? GPS I hope not to get lost! [eek]

I think I've got the North Pass entrance figured out.
1. I'll be heading South to North Pass: HWY395 to 168 to Death Valley Rd to Waucoba Saline Rd. Any road signs or things to watch out for?

Getting out via South pass is where I have some questions.

Are there signs or indicators that provide directions? I'll be avoiding Lippincott [biggrin] and planning on following Saline Valley Rd to 190.

Looking at the CA Road and Recreation Atlas they have a Saline Valley "alternate" and Saline Valley Rd through Talc City. Are either of the roads in better condition? More scenic?

I plan to visit the springs to have a look around. Perhaps, take a quick soak. I'll see about dropping off a few supplies. Would anyone know if it would be ok to bring a partially used bag of fertilizer (with the specs mentioned in the master list)?


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